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Orange juice concentrate and others

Apart from pineapple and tropical fruits business, Tropfin has   been appointed by the world's third largest processor of oranges Louis Dreyfus Citrus ( as their  representative in Thailand and Vietnam.

Louis Dreyfus is one of the largest and most companies in the citrus industry which has factories in Brasil and Florida. Main products from LDC is Standard Frozen 66 brix Concentrated Orange Juice (FCOJ) in Valencia profile from both Brazil and Florida sources.
They also sell:

  • Lower pulp (2%) FCOJ for soft drinks.

  • FCOJ blends, with orange cells and natural flavors added upon customer specification.

  • Orange cells.

  • Cold pressed orange oil, orange oil phase essence, orange water phase essence.

FCOJ World Supply continues to be in the hands of Brazil and USA. Both countries production represents 84 % of total FCOJ output.


Based on the 2007/08 crop estimate, the World orange juice production is

estimated in 2.5 million tons (FCOJ basis). Sao Paulo plus other Brazilian

states produce 1.5 million tons. Florida produces around 0.7 million tons,

and other minor producing countries 0.3 million tons.

Quality Assurance and Customer Support

Louis Dreyfus  Citrus  prides  itself  in  having the  most  modern  technology  

available, combined with the world standards in Quality Process Management

to ensure  that the  customer  requirement  can be  met. Plant  laboratories

monitor all  stages of the product process, ensuring that product  quality can

be maintained at the highest level.

Customers can be confident that as part of the Louis Dreyfus Citrus Group, we provide the same guarantees of product quality, authenticity and customer service which customers have come to know during the past decade of our operations in the citrus business,

Storing Juice next to our Customers

To ensure customers from around the world can be attended quickly with quality product, Louis Dreyfus Citrus has incorporated third party cold store services as part of out logistical operations in key geographies. 

These services were selected based upon a global analysis and are located in Korea, Australia, Japan, North Eastern USA and The Netherlands. These global facilities combined with our integrated fruit production, processing and Terminal facilities in Ghent, Belgium ensure a very rational worldwide supply chain.

Market in Thailand and Vietnam

Tropfin is currently promoting Louis Dreyfus Citrus products to big and medium size of juice producer and manufacturers both in Thailand and Vietnam who produces various kinds of fruit juice and drinks:

  • 100 %     Juice from juice concentrate.

  • 25-40%   Juice from  juice concentrate (Nectars).

  • < 25%     Juice from juice concentrate (Juice Drinks).

  • Others   i.e. Yoghurt / Fruit Flavor Drinking Milk.

Product list :

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